Live PC Or Mac Broadcast

Live Setup Tutorial

Download And Install Encoders

First you will need something called an encoder. This is installed locally on your PC. An encoder simply takes an mp3 or audio from your PC and broadcasts it to our servers.

If you are running live streaming from Windows please download Winamp from here: Winamp. Once installed you can download and install the DSP encoders. Download encoders. If you are using a Mac you only need an encoder which you can download here: Mac Encoder

Once installed open Winamp, navigate to Options ---> Preferences. Now click on on the DSP/Effects category under the Plug-ins tab to the left.

If you see "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP …." in the right pane, then you have correctly installed the SHOUTcast Broadcast DSP Plug-in. Click to open it.

Input Server Details

Now you have installed your encoder and have it open you can fill in the server details.

Address: Here, you need to enter the server that was given to you in the welcome email you received from It should look something like "". Make sure that you put in the proper server, or else you will not be able to connect.

Port: In this field, you need to enter the port that was given to you in your welcome email. It should contain 4 numbers. Once again, this must be set properly or else you will be unable to connect.

Username and Password: Last, but not least, you need to set the password that is shown in the control panel, or the one that you changed it to. Enter this here, and make sure there are no mistakes.

Yellowpages/Server Details

This tab is designed for you to input the details of your radio station. These details will be shown on media players when listening and on directories where your station is listed.

Click on the "Yellowpages" tab right above where you entered all of the previous information. If you'd like your server to be listed in the SHOUTcast directory, check the "Make this server public" box, and fill in all of the information below the box in a proper manner. Be sure to check the "Enable Title Updates" and the two boxes that say "Auto" in order to show your users the title of the song that is playing.

Input Settings

Finally the "input settings". This part is to tell the software where you would like your "audio" to come from. There are generally two types of input to select. Media player (winamp) which will broadcast only whats playing in your Winamp, or soundcard which will broadcast any audio that is running via your soundcard. Select "soundcard" only if you intend to broadcast from a different application other than Winamp or if you are considering broadcasting through your line in.

Go back to the "Output" tab in your DSP window. Make sure "Output 1" is selected, and then click the connect button. In the status box above the button, it should give a time and then "Sent xxxx bytes". Congratulations, you have started broadcasting!