We thrive to help radio stations learn
and grow to their maximum potential

Give us a chance and we will prove our efficiency!

Driven By Your Passion

Our clients and their passion for internet radio really motivates us to meet everyones needs in every way possible. We listen to every customer and do our best to fullfil requests and be there when in need.

We Keep Up With Technology

We regularly carry out healthchecks and upgrades on our networks and we strive to ensure our servers are stable year round. We strive to maintain a world class, leading streaming network 24/7/365.

Green Servers

As of 2012 we only house our network and servers from within datacenters powered by renewable wind energy sources. This means using our services you're saving our planet.

We Know What We're Doing.

Many companies offer poor quality services resulting in regular downtime. We have decades of experience in server monitoring and maintenance. This in turn results in the best possible expeience for the end user.

About Us

Citrus 3 isn’t just about shoutcast hosting. We’re a team that thrives to help broadcasting hobbyists and professionals learn and grow to their maximum potential. With internet radio growing at a rapid rate each year, an ever growing client base and possibly the best team behind us we’re loving what we do and would love to have you come along for the ride.

Citrus 3 is a Brighton (UK) based company. The Citrus 3 team is a combination of hard working, focused, bright individuals who enjoy developing, designing, and bringing the best customer experience, while having fun at the same time. Citrus 3 was founded in 2009 with the passion to bring individuals a low cost method of broadcasting audio across the internet to music lovers, schools, and worship groups.

We rapidly grew to over 200 clients in our first year of trade and have continued to grow ever since. Our mission is to provide SHOUTcast and radio clients the relevant tools and information to grow to their maximum potential. We want our clients and radio stations to focus on whats important to them and not have to worry about any headaches in between.

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