FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the Citrus 3 service.

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What do I need to start my radio station?

Citrus 3 provides a complete solution for you to start an internet radio station, with all the tools required already included in all plans. You will receive all relevant software, and everything required so that your listeners can tune in. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Will I have a control panel?

Absolutely. Each package includes a control panel. The control panel is a feature rich control centre for you to manage your radio station.

Do I need software to broadcast live?

We include everything with our plans. If you choose to broadcast live from your PC you will need to install our software. The entire setup takes 5-10 minutes.

What is AutoDJ?

With auto DJ the streaming is carried out from the Citrus 3 servers. Simply upload your mp3s, create a playlist, and start the service. You can shuffle, play in a particular order and even carry out playlist scheduling. Switch off your PC and let us do the broadcasting for you.

Do I need a microphone?

Though a microphone is not necessary for music broadcasting, either a built in microphone or an external microphone is needed for talk shows.

How will people on a mobile phone listen to my station?

We now provide a free personal app to clients on our "XL" and "Pro" plans. The free app can be downloaded by your listeners via the Apple app store on iPhones or the Google Play store via any Android device. Our html5 player will also work with all mobile devices.

I already have my own website/blog, can I embed a player onto my website?

Absolutely, we provide a media player, requests feature, recently played and now playing feature which can all be embeded onto your own website.

I have more than one laptop, will it allow me to load the software to both computers?

Our free broadcasting software can be installed on as many computers as you like. The autoDJ can also be used via our control panel via any computer.

What is SHOUTcast?

Shoutcast is a very easy solution to broadcast audio across the internet and have people listen on any PC via a website, directory or mobile device such as an Iphone or Ipad. Shoutcast Radio on the other hand or shoutcast.com is a related website which provides a directory of SHOUTcast stations.

I have many DJs who will broadcast via my radio, can they have access to the service without full admin privelages?

Absolutely. You can create as many DJ usernames as you like. You can also set their access levels if you do not want them to access all the admin features.

Will I be able to carry out a telephone call with listeners?

You can attatch a phone line to your soundcard to broadcast calls, we do however prefer skype. With skype you can go direct with no phone by setting our software to pick up all audio from your computer soundcard.

Is there a way of checking my ratings or how many people listen to the station?

Our control panel includes complete statistics, and history of your listeners. This includes listening hours, geographical details, and device measurements.

What happens if I have trouble setting up your service?

We are very confident that our step by step video tutorials will make it a breeze to set up our service. If you do however find yourself having difficulties ask our team to remotely install your radio station via teamviewer.

Can I cancel my services at any time?

You can at any time. We offer payment methods via paypal and credit card. With paypal you can cancel your account via their dashboard. If using a card simply drop us an email and we will stop your account immediately.

What is the Citrus 3 uptime like?

We promise and guarantee a 99.99% uptime. This uptime is in our service level agreement. If you find your uptime goes below this we will refund for that time period the servers were down.