Shoutcast Hosting VS Icecast Hosting

Though SHOUTcast hosting is our primary service currently on offer we are able to still provide an alternative called Icecast. Though we feel shoutcast is a much better and more stable technology icecast has 2 features that stand out.

Feature 1: Switch between auto DJ and different DJs seamlessly. Because Icecast uses mountpoints which allow for several connections there is no need to drop all listeners from the switch.

Feature 2: Broadcast in aac. Though our latest v2 shoutcast has this feature built in its worth a mention. Using aac you can broadcast at 32kbps and still sound great.

So our final verdict we feel using SHOUTcast hosting is the better option. If you do prefer to broadcast at lower bitrates you can still do so with SHOUTcast v2 and aac. If you do however like the idea of not dropping conectivity when switching from different sources or DJs then Icecast may be the better option for you.

*Even though we offer Icecast Citrus 3 is unable to provide any support for the service.


Shoutcast Hosting